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Born in Athens, Greece in 1976. 

Had classical guitar lessons in 1991, which I quit after three years to continue learning on my own since then.

I formed my first rock cover band with my brother Dennis on drums in 1995.

Began playing professionally in 1999, giging all over Greece with various bands as a guitarist or as a bass player, playing the blues, country, soul, R'n'B, funk, rock (psychedelic, classic, hard and jazz), pop, lots of reggae, dub and psy dub.

In 2007 I created "....Eksagnistirio Studio", my own professional rehearsal and recording studio, that I ran until 2017.

2013 was the year that I realized that I needed a change.

My involvement with the music industry wasn't fulfilling me anymore with the way I wanted and the "quality" I needed. So I stopped playing with bands and I began composing my own music. I began touring in Greece, playing in nature, mainly at rivers and on the streets.

In 2014 I recorded my first album called ''Naturally Connected'' and continued touring. 

In 2015 life and music brought me in Corfu, where I found my partener in life and my new home.

Since 2020 I am part of the spiritual music scene of Arillas (North-West Corfu) where I am being supported, embraced,  and appreciated as an artist and I feel so greatful for that.

I am also part of The Gathering (Sound & Silence) Festival and Agape Zoe Festival.

I have shared the stage and supported artists like: Netanel Goldberg, Kalyan Mitto, Joseph Pepe Danza, Karunesh, Mitsch Kohn, Kevin James Carroll, Mojoh, Nalini Blossom, David & Neelam (Laeela), Pad Hazel, Nikla Rabamashi Bontadelli, Siengfried Deven Otte, Kaushalya & Alex (Jagaspace), Daniel "Sonic" Rojas, Phoenix Maria, Deborah Jeanne Weitzman, Tex, Maroulita De Kol and others. 

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